Quixote Users

Last Modified: 16 May 2013

Quixote has been used for a number of Web sites and applications.

Web Sites

The following Web sites are implemented using Quixote. Source code for them is not available.

  • douban.com, a huge Chinese book, movie, music sharing site with user-contributed reviews, a price comparison engine, a recommendation engine, and a built-in social network. According to a message posted on the quixote-users list, Quixote generates over 2 million page views per day. All of the content pages are dynamic, including the help and about-us pages. Quixote runs on one dual-core home-made server (costing about US$1500). There are additional servers dedicated to lighttpd and MySQL. memcached is also used extensively.
  • Linux Weekly News: LWN is a subscriber-supported Web publication that covers the free software community. LWN has described their use of Quixote.
  • The MEMS Exchange: A Web-based service for distributed semiconductor fabrication. You can browse through the catalog of processes, or sign up and explore.
  • MEMSnet features MEMS-related news items and job listings.
  • IncidentNews is built on Quixote. Some background on the site was given by Mike Orr in a quixote-users posting.
  • Orbtech and St. Louis Gymnastics are two sites by Patrick O'Brien.
  • A small museum in The Hague, Netherlands has a site that uses Quixote. It's in Dutch but if you can't read it you can still look at the pretty pictures. The content is mostly Medieval manuscripts. There are about 12000 images, all cross-referenced and classified with the Iconclass art classification system. The data is stored in a RDF-like triple store, based on Sqlite.
  • Trendvue uses Quixote for a content management application which presents daily postings in a blog format. Postgres is used as the database and the site supports content in multiple languages.
  • Chris Devenoges has created a photographic web log.
  • Dev-NET
  • Online Production Studio, a site offering automated audio production services.
  • ForecastWatch.com rates the accuracy of weather reports from companies such as Accuweather, myforecast.com, and The Weather Channel.
  • unalog, a group linklogger.
  • www.index.sed.lg.ua, a business catalog of Severodonetsk city, Ukraine, developed and supported by Michael Krishtopa. Languages: ukrainian, russian.


These applications have source code available.

  • Cartwheel, a bioinformatics toolkit by Titus Brown.
  • Collar, a submission and review management system for conference papers by Titus Brown.
  • qxbb is a port of a PHP message board to Quixote by Pedro Vale Lima.
  • ActiveState's Smoke uses Quixote. Smoke is system for managing build, test and performance data for software projects.
  • DeStar is a a web front end for the open source PBX Asterisk
  • Deltastat performs statistical calculations on data from 2D gel electrophoresis experiments, and was written by Jason Dunsmore.

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